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research and development enterprise 
Production of hardware and methodological systems of research using the nuclear magnetic resonance method (AMK NMR); development of methods of namr-research and software; production of state standard samples and calibration samples for NMR analyzers
  • Petrophysical studies of core, sludge, soil, rock samples and reservoir fluids for the oil and gas industry and mining
  • Solutions for optimizing technologies for the assessment and development of uranium, copper, gold and other minerals mined by underground leaching
  • Innovative solutions for the implementation of decommissioning and liquidation projects of mining enterprises, reclamation of disturbed lands, forecasting the environmental impact of hazardous industries
  • Modern solutions for the quality control of aviation fuel by elemental composition
unique NMR research methods
complex based on the Proton 20M analyzer 
staff training
metrological support
GSO 2468-82
20 years of experience
in application 
post-warranty service


The “AMK NMR” instrumental and methodological complex is intended for carrying out studies the nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) method both in stationary (laboratory) and in the field (directly at the well)


New highly informative technologies can be implemented on “AMK NMR” base:

•Technology for expeditious documentation of the geological section of oil and gas wells

•Technology for expeditious assessment of oil reserves in productive reservoirs

•Technology for determining the current and residual oil saturation of reservoir rocks at the late stages of reservoir development

•Technology for monitoring the development of oil-and-gas deposits

•Aviation fuel quality control technology

•Technology for optimizing the processes of prospecting, estimating and developing uranium deposits and other minerals mined by underground leaching

•Projects for decommissioning mining enterprises, reclamation of disturbed lands, forecasting the environmental impact of hazardous industries





Advantages of “AMK NMR”:

• Fast and economic non-destructive evaluation of rock samples

• Direct porosity assessment of the investigated rocks, regardless of their lithology

• Molecular level sensitivity to pore fluid mobility

• Ability to determine the rheological characteristics of oil directly in the rock sample


Composition of “AMK NMR”:

• NMR relaxometer

• Personal computer, monitor

• Technical description and operating instruction

• Standard processing software

• Methodological support

• Metrological support


• A measurements program capable of automatic tuning and control of the main parameters of the NMR relaxometer such as resonance conditions, gain coefficient, RF pulse duration, measurement cycle start period, magnet temperature, communication between the personal computer and the control unit, communication between the control unit and magnetic block

• A program for processing measurement results in order to determine the NMR characteristics of the studied samples of rocks and fluids: the amplitudes of the free induction signals (FID) and spin echo (SE), the times of longitudinal (spin-lattice) and transverse (spin-spin) relaxation, as well as the conversion of relaxation curves (a) into the spectrum of relaxation times (b) (a) (b)

• The program for integrated analysis of the received data, that ensures the expeditious determination of the main petrophysical parameters of the studied oil and gas deposits

Alongside with automatic execution of the measurement process, “AMK NMR” software allows to conduct petrophysical NMR studies in an interactive mode



• Methodology for determining the water-oil content of rock samples

• Methodology for determining porosity: total, open, closed, effective

• Methodology for determining residual water saturation

• Methodology for determining the pore sizes distribution

• Methodology for determining the rocks permeability

• Methodology for determining the total clay content and their type

• Methodology for determining the hydrocarbons composition and their structural heterogeneity

• Methodology for determining the integral and single-component hydrocarbons viscosity

• Methodology for determining the oil density

• Methodology for determining the total water content in oil

• Methodology for determining the paraffin / ceresin content in oil

• Methodology for determining the amount of asphaltene and resin substances in oil and bitumen

• Methodology for determining the hydrogen content in kerosene​


• State-standard samples of the volume fraction of moisture GSO 2468-82 (a set of five standard samples in the range from 1 to 40%)

• Test procedure for verification of NMR relaxometer "Proton 20M"

• Core porosity measurement methodology MI 1793-87.

• Methodology for measuring sludge porosity coefficient MI1804-87.






117105, Mocow, Varshavskoye shosse, 8


Tel. +7(982) 773-1105

Research Director

Kononenko Igor Yakovlevich

Commercial Director

Gordeev Petr Anatolievich

Call: +7 (982) 773-1105
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